In Leonicorn Swap Exchange, you can Trade, Provide Liquidity for your project and others, Buy and Sell NFT, and raise funds for your projects via the IDO/IFO model. It's a complete solution for Users and Traders.

GameFi Reward Sharing AMM

Leonicorn Swap is the first GameFi Reward Sharing AMM in Binance smart chain. TON chain, APTOS chain, SUI chain, OKC chain, SEI chain and Kucoin Chain. Users can play Games with $LEONS and can earn passive income.

Multichain Dex Aggregator

In Leonicorn Swap Exchange, you can Trade, Provide Liquidity for your project and others. In Leonicorn Swap, you can trade in 21 Chain with Deep Liquidity, whereas in one DEX, you can trade both EVM and Non-EVM Blockchains.



The DEX Native Token (LEONS)

Leonicorn is a sophisticated decentralized exchange and LEONS token is a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain which works as a platform token for Leonicorn platform. LEONS is native token on DEX which will be used to incentivize the users for staking, farming etc. Also users can use their earned LEONS token to stake and earn other tokens. LEONS can be used to mint NFT, play lottery, participate in IDOs and other gambling programs which are going to come in the future.


- Swap
- Buyback
- Stake
- Yield Farming
- Staking
- Playing games like Dice, Lottery and Bag Robbery
- NFT Marketplace


LEON locked staking! Sit back and let your LEON work for you

The APR listed for each locking period represents NET returns

Each address can stake up to 5 separate times

Both principal and interest can only be claimed at the end of the staking period


Leonicorn is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

Roadmap liable to changes as all our products will be released only after undergoing an extensive and trusted auditing process. Our priority will always be the safety and security of our users' funds. The Roadmap is our projection of the high-level products we will bring to the Leonicorn users and community .


With the help of our team we will achieve all our milestones.




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